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Apps for mental health

Here's some great supportive apps.

~ Mel xx


On average we check our phones about 80 times per day. We've compiled a mini list of helpful apps for mental health. There are a few useful apps that we believe are great for teens and adults alike. To help you take control of your mental health, we've found four brilliant mental health apps you can use to manage problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

1. My Smiling Mind Trying to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life? This app can help you launch into a regular practice of mindfulness meditations. There are several programs, broken down by age group (ranging from age 7 to adult). It tracks how often you are meditating and provides guided practices as well.

2. Mindshift It's focus is anxiety management- both for help in the moment as well as practicing during calm times. It offers specific techniques for handling perfectionism, test anxiety (great for teens and college students!), panic attacks, and more.

3. Moment A fairly simple app, Moment tracks how much time you spend on your phone each day. It is easy to spend a ton of time on your phone without even realizing it- from checking emails to scrolling through social media, to texting and making calls- you might be surprised to see how many minutes (hours?) of your day is spent looking at your phone. Moment is not technically a mental health app, but research shows a strong correlation between heavy smartphone use and mental health issues including stress, depression, and anxiety.

4. WhatsMyM3 This is a great screening tool for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While this is not a diagnostic tool, elevated scores on the checklists are a good indicator that you could benefit from counselling.


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