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South Coast Nurturing was established in Strathalbyn, South Australia in 2013, and is proudly owned by Melanie Jolley Dip Prof Couns; (EP/CD; RC) Dip Yth Wrk.

Melanie studied her Diploma of Professional Counselling at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 2008.  She also studied and obtained a Diploma of Youth Work at TAFE in 2011. Melanie is a Preferred Independent Provider for DECD.

About Melanie:

I had a wonderful childhood, but like most young people, I faced some difficult stages of uncertainty and confidence that I had to overcome in my own unique way. Thankfully, I found my way (as a few of my friends weren't so fortunate), and I wanted to strengthen my ability to cope with life's adversities as they occurred. I found a course that really clicked with my strengths and an empathetic person. Then throughout my course, I kept thinking that by the end of it, I wanted to be able to support others going through their own traumatic experiences, and find comfort within their minds (that life after trauma is possible).


I studied Counselling and then later Youth Work. I worked for a couple of different youth services between 2009 and 2012, and during that time I had noticed a different brand of case management was needed, and that our area lacked therapeutic services for the significantly disengaged young people. Or young people at risk of disengagement. This never sat well with me, and after going on maternity leave, I wanted to still help the young people struggling within our society.


I decided to create my own brand of Case Management by applying everything I learnt in Counselling to my Case Management Model and started my business, South Coast Nurturing.


The first school I approached with this model really connected to it and I was given a handful of At Risk young people to work with. I then started to successfully engage and maintain my client’s week after week, and was getting and maintaining a successful engagement rate of over 92%.


My case load grew, and I realised I needed to employ another very like-minded and trained person to help me service these young people. South Coast Nurturing has continued to grow from this point on. 

We are passionate about supporting disengaged youth on the Fleurieu Peninsula. I have spent the last 9 years successfully engaging over 92% of youth with complex needs. Youth, who have been disengaged for years, have grown to trust me and my team. We have then been able to work with them to identify goals and develop a plan for addressing their barriers.


We engage our clients by using advanced communication skills, interpersonal skills and an intense sense of justice and fairness to others. My case management is driven by a restorative justice framework that has continually proven effective with the disengaged youth that I have had the privilege to support over the years. 


I provide intensive, nurturing and assertive one-on-one case management and counselling. My professional approach is to utilise my experience, understanding and support to assist highly complex, disengaged youth that potentially haven’t yet developed the skills and tools to help themselves, and who have not yet given themselves the opportunity to grow positively on their life journey. Through my developed case management and counselling experience, I re-engage them with their local community and on to further learning or employment. 


I have steadily grown South Coast Nurturing since 2013, and now employ a highly trained group of specialist Youth Workers and Case Managers. My team come with such a wide range of skills and life experiences, and, I can honestly say they are wonderful people that genuinely care for the young people they work with and seek to inspire them on to the most positive life journey they are capable of. 


I feel blessed to have such an amazing team around me and honestly feel I have the right people to best support the youth of today. Youth that need a genuine and unique mentor to stand with them on this journey, through the very difficult teenage years.

~ Melanie Jolley

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Melanie Jolley

Dip Prof Couns; (EP/CD; RC) Dip Yth Wrk

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