flexible learning options (FLO)

What is FLO?

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a student enrolment strategy aimed to assist school and the wider community in supporting successful engagement and retention of young people in secondary school to the age of 20 identified at risk of disengaging from a mainstream school based learning program.

Currently, about 5000 secondary students who have multiple complexities in their lives that impact upon their successful engagement with school are supported with a FLO enrolment.

These things include:

  • anxiety and depression

  • learning difficulties

  • social and behavioural problems

  • bullying

  • homelessness and transience

  • family difficulties.

Each FLO student has:

  • A qualified case manager assigned (who is not a teacher) to help address wellbeing issues, as well as planning for learning options

  • A Flexible Learning and Transition Portfolio, which makes use of learning spaces both on the school site and in the wider community.

FLO students and their parents work with a school coordinator, case manager or youth worker to identify strengths, special interests and areas where the student needs support. This information is used to develop a Flexible Learning & Transition Portfolio that can lead to:

  • learning options outside school

  • access to subjects of specific interest

  • support from other agencies - eg youth and community services

  • further education, training and apprenticeships

  • employment opportunities


South Coast Nurturing are an empathetic team, motivated to work with our young people in a setting that promotes reflection and growth towards their desired futures.

South Coast Nurturing is a dynamic youth service that specialises in inspiring positive futures for the most at risk and disengaged young people in our community. We work from a strength based model and incorporate restorative practice into day to day events that unfold.

Case Management for your “FLO Enrolled” young person

South Coast Nurturing Case Managers work collaboratively with Eastern Fleurieu School and our clients’ families to support young people who are not engaging well in the traditional school environment, but are still under the age of compulsion, meaning they must be undertaking some level of learning. 


Case management is provided by our team of qualified and experienced professionals who work individually with young people in addressing barriers to learning and earning, determining suitable learning options and developing learning and transition plans to support them.


Case Managers will also make appropriate connections with specialist services and accredited learning programs to support the young person's development.

Case Management with a “Counselling Option”

South Coast Nurturing Counsellors work to help their clients achieve their personal goals and gain more insight into their lives.


Our methods create opportunities for the client to feel safe and heard, whilst helping the client into a greater understanding of the kind of person he or she is with the help of the counsellor. This process helps people learn how to deal with difficulties and resolving them.

Our focus is an intensive one on one outreach counselling and case management service - Case plans are developed and individualised with each person to strengthen their holistic health. South Coast Nurturing was developed to provide direct and continuous support to young people suffering from multiple and complex needs issues and barriers by providing an intensive personalised case management service - whilst (and only when necessary) delivering a range of therapies through a professional therapeutic relationship. 

We all go through varying degrees of confusion in our lives. By establishing where the client is now and where they would like to be first - we then define their goals- and clarify the issues at hand, and ultimately support them to then take steps to achieve their desired outcomes. We do this at the young person’s pace and only when they feel safe - ready and in control. 

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